Roman Shades

Add the Perfect Look to Your Home with Roman Shades Roman shades are one of the most versatile and stylish of all shades that you

Window Treatments

What to look for when buying window treatments Just about everyone needs window treatments at some time or another, but not everyone knows how to

Home Spring Cleaning

Cleaning Plantation Shutters It can be a hassle to keep your beautiful window shutters clean to your satisfaction. Don’t fear; we have some easy tips

Southern Classic Basswood Plantation Shutters

Southern Classic Basswood Plantation Shutters hold value and a modern finish to each home. Apart from being expectantly hard-wearing, they’re timeless. By investing in shutters

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New Year of Shutters

The New Year means you get a fresh start with new resolutions, new goals, and new plantation shutters. Start 2022 by giving any room in

Quality, Made in the USA

Our variety of custom shutters can change the look and feel of any room in your home. Thanks to our American-made materials we’re able to

Easy to Clean

Zero Effort Cleaning Adding accessories to your home, like plantation shutters, can be a great way to add value, personality, and light control to your

Durability is the Best Ability

Durable exterior window treatments Experts at Accent Shutter and Shades offer a vast selection of shutter types and styles and recommendcomposite shutters for exterior use.

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Saving Energy One Shutter at a Time

Shutters as thermal insulators According to, windows are responsible for 30% of a home’s heating and cooling energy loss. They’re also one of the easiest,

Shutter Sound Savers

Shutter bonus: Moderate noise control Windows often let in most of the noise that you hear when inside a room or house, usually because most