Are Custom Shutters Worth The Investment?

Custom shutters may not be the cheapest form of window treatments, but they’re definitely worth the investment. Regardless of the types of shutters you purchase, you can benefit from custom shutters for your home. Below are four reasons that custom shutters are worth the money.

  1. They look beautiful.
    Custom shutters from Accent Shutter & Shades are designed to look beautiful where ever they’re installed. Accent Shutter & Shades designs shutters out of materials like basswood, composite and cedar. They come in a variety of styles, ranging from Atlantic premium shutters to plantation shutters. All these materials and styles are designed to be functional and beautiful at the same time. Where ever they are installed, shutters are meant to be an attractive accent for your home’s fa├žade.

2. They fit perfectly.
Custom shutters are made to fit perfectly. You supply the information needed to create shutters that are just right for your home. That perfect fit helps you get the greatest possible value out of your home’s shutters.

3. They match your personal tastes.

When you select custom shutters for your home, you’ll have a range of styles to choose from. Accent Shutter & Shades makes shutters of the following types:

  • Distressed shutters
  • Plantation shutters
  • Atlantic premium shutters
  • Cedar southern shutters
  • and more

With all those choices available to you, you can pick the type of shutters that match your tastes.

4. They raise your home’s value.

Custom shutters made from a quality supplier like Accent Shutter & Shades can raise the value of your home. Just like any other decorative but functional home fixture or feature, custom shutters can contribute to your home’s value.

Some suggestions for getting the most value of your home’s shutters:

  • Coordinate the color of the shutters with the color of your home’s siding, or with the color of your home’s interior (if they’re plantation shutters).
  • Choose shutters from a supplier known for creating a quality product from quality materials.
  • Consider the function of the shutters as well as the decorative quality. Shutters that serve a purpose, like blocking light to maintain a comfortable temperature indoors, can have more of an effect on your home’s value.

Want to benefit from custom shutters for your home? Contact Accent Shutter & Shades to place an order for your custom shutters.

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