We Care About Our Employees

Appreciation Matters

The focal point of our success over the last 25 years has been our willingness to empower our employees. Under the Stewardship of Ryan Dove, we are of the mindset that each employee should be confident in their craft and personally motivated to be the best they can be, and strive to empower our employees to be experts in plantation shutter design and development. We foster these attitudes by providing each employee with a sense of purpose and responsibility. This is significant because when our employees feel their contributions make an impact they feel even more inspired to go above and beyond the expectation. 

Atmosphere of Trust 

Another fundamental component of our workplace culture is the atmosphere of trust that we develop with our employees. Great leadership starts with trust by making sure our employees are trusted to execute and demonstrate their expertise. Each of our technicians is experienced and knowledgeable about what it takes to provide you with the highest quality shutter product. The confidence we have in them allows them to independently demonstrate their expertise and cultivate that same trust with you. 

Comprehensive Training 

Our employees are thoroughly trained in all stages of shutter fabrication which allows them to communicate to you from a position of expertise. This intensive training is facilitated by owner Ryan Dove who enjoys the process of educating his employees and providing them with the latest industry resources. Our training is in house and hands-on so our technicians feel confident knowing that the training simulates what to expect with shutter fabrication. 

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