Shutter Sound Savers

Shutter bonus: Moderate noise control

Windows often let in most of the noise that you hear when inside a room or house, usually because most windows are not soundproof and the materials that make up a window are not designed to block out sound. Window shutters, such as plantation shutters from Accent Shutter and Shades, are known to have great soundproofing qualities, with thick durable louvers which will both reflect and absorb noise entering your home, and with tightly fitted frames around your shutters creating a great seal to reduce both noise and light. Loud neighbors, kids outside, or the cars zooming past will meet their match with shutters.

Reduce everyday noise

Window shutters do block out some everyday noises, such as birds chirping, passing cars, and people talking. Although window shutters are not soundproof they are a great cost-effective alternative way to add a little more peace and quiet to your life. Whether you live on the busiest street in the city or a cozy culdesac the wrong noise at the wrong time can ruin your whole day, lets prevent that from ever happening again.

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