In-Store Shutter Assembly Service

Customization in House

Here at Accent Shutter, our goal is to provide premier plantation shutter services that are reliable and aligned with the latest aesthetic trends. We can accomplish these endeavors by listening to your concerns, delivering results, and going above and beyond your expectations. Additionally, we are committed to providing a variety of shutter options to make your window treatment dreams a reality.

Expert Design Consultants 

Interior design decisions are not easy decisions to make and often the right guidance can make all the difference. We make it our goal to walk you through customization options and narrow your focus to what you are looking for. While we have more shutter options than you can imagine, we can help you arrive at the right decision for your home fast. 

Commitment to Excellence 

For over 25 years we have cultivated an atmosphere of excellence where our design experts make it their mission to create shutter products you will be proud of. Also, you will not have to worry about installation complications with our insured installers. 

Should an accident occur all of our installers are Accent Shutter employees and will take responsibility for any accidents from installations. When you come to Accent Shutters we strive to be attentive to all of your concerns and deliver a satisfactory shutter experience.
For more information about our values and services contact us today!

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