Blinds in Houston, Spring and The Woodlands.

People that want an easy-on-the-pocket yet functional way to keep their window interiors attractive, often opt for blinds. Blinds can provide privacy, energy efficiency, and style to any window.

There are various finishes, material, and designs to help homeowners choose the best-fitting designs for their windows. By choosing the right design and materials, Accent Shutter & Shades can easily make your windows more appealing and your interior more comfortable. We provide designs to suit any interior decor or theme, so it’s easy to find the perfect blinds for your room, office, kitchen or any interior area.

Quality & Cost-Effective Blinds

Choosing just any blinds that you see in home improvement shops is not a good idea. Consider the quality, the type of materials used, and the cost of each unit. With our exceptional customer service and overall professionalism, we work to meet the highest standards and expectations. Years later, our blinds will look like new.

We work to provide quality workmanship for the complete process, from procurement through installation. We’ll make sure your new blinds will fit your window perfectly. Whether you are interested in blinds for a sliding door, or blinds for your windows, we provide the type of blinds that give your windows the look you want. We provide custom blinds and a wide variety of Hunter Douglas branded blinds to choose from.

Our Custom Blinds

Our in-house built blinds are not in any way the pre-made and cut-down blinds that competitors and other retailers sell. We fully build our blinds by hand. Our custom blinds are precisely hand-cut for exact lengths and the correct fit to your window. We have a large assortment of colors, sizes, materials, and options to choose from. All Accent Shutter & Shades custom blinds are built in our very own factory which is located behind our showroom.

Hunter Douglas Blinds

Hunter Douglas is a known expert in the art of window dressing with their consistent combining of form and function. Ranging from bright whites to rich and modern stains, Hunter Douglas basswood and fauxwood blinds are available in a large assortment of paint colors, stains, and slat sizes, so you can find just the right design for your windows.

Blinds in Houston, Spring & The Woodlands

Accent Shutter & Shades provides blinds window treatments in Houston, Woodlands, & Spring. The Accent Shutter & Shades team will help you choose the best blinds that will make your windows more attractive, efficient, and secured. Please contact us or visit our office today to set up a consultation.

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We Provide Services to the Following Cities and Towns in TX:

  • Spring, TX
  • Katy, TX
  • Conroe, TX
  • Houston, TX
  • Montgomery, TX
  • Kingwood, TX
  • Sugarland, TX
  • The Woodlands, TX

…and more!