Benefits of Window Treatments

Our window treatments come in the form of shades, shutters, drapery, and blinds, but many individuals only understand the visual aesthetic that they add to the home. Below we take a look at the technical functions that these treatments have in order to better help you understand the benefits they provide.


Window shades are window coverings that are wrapped around a roller that fits into the top of the window frame. Shades can be adjusted by mechanisms within the roller that allow an individual to control the length in which the shade will hang down. They provide individuals with the ability to control the amount of light that is allowed within a room, and they provide protection from glares that can occur in different areas within the room as well.


Shutters are window coverings that are secured to the window frame in front of the window. They allow you to control the amount and quality of light that enters and exits a room and can darken a room more effectively than curtains. Shutters can also lower your energy bills, enhance your privacy, and reduce the number of allergens that enter your home.


Drapes are window coverings that are created from cloth materials. They can be closed to block light from entering a room or left open. Typically, drapes are pulled to the sides of the window and secured with a tie, but when left untied, they can enhance the privacy of your home.


Blinds allow an individual to adjust the amount of light in which they can filter into a room. They are comprised of slats, which are positioned in a horizontal or vertical manner and can be adjusted with the use of a cord or blind stick. Blinds also provide the ultimate amount of privacy.

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