Advantages of Custom Drapery

Choosing drapery can be as simple as picking up ready-made panels from your favorite online retailer, but that isn’t an option available for everyone. For some, due to oddly shaped or specially proportioned windows, purchasing custom made drapes is a necessity.

Custom Drapery Gives You Limitless Options

One advantage of purchasing custom drapery is that you are able to be as creative as you want when deciding what suits your needs best. You are able to choose the fabric you want the style you want, the type of lining you want and any additional trimmings or banding.

You Can Choose Supplemental Lining

Nearly all custom draperies are made with lining, and that lining should be paired to the drapery fabric based on fiber content. Custom drapes allow you to choose supplemental lining like blackout, thermal suede or interlining to be used to either completely block the light, insulate against outside noise or cold, or simply add body and weight to lighter fabrics such as silk.

Custom Drapes Offer Exceptional Quality

The quality and detail standards of custom drapery go far above and beyond ready-made drapery. Custom drapes offer options such as double-turned hems and headers and weighted hems, for strength and solidity and a tailored hang. Another such standard offered is pattern-matching at seams.

We Will Exceed Your Drapery Needs

Custom draperies are a major investment because of the amount of money and time invested in choosing them, and they should be treated as such. At Accent Shutter & Shades, we create custom drapes in-house, and our expert designers assist customers throughout the creation and installation of their drapes. Contact us today for a consultation, or visit our showroom to see our exceptional products for yourself.